There is one simple reason why you should consider working with a California bankruptcy lawyer: bankruptcy is complicated.

Working with a bankruptcy lawyer in California is the best way to ensure that you get through your bankruptcy proceedings with minimal stress and maximum results. While you can file for bankruptcy on your own, having a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer on your side is an invaluable resource. A knowledgeable California bankruptcy lawyer can help ensure that your paperwork is filed correctly, your questions are answered fully, and your case is handled professionally.

Even before you file for bankruptcy, a lawyer can advise you of possible alternatives to bankruptcy, if applicable in your situation. If you determine that bankruptcy is the best option for your individual set of circumstances, an attorney can see you through the process from start to finish.

Having a San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney on Your Side

Without a San Diego bankruptcy attorney on your side, there won’t be anyone to advocate for you during your bankruptcy case. You may be called upon to provide complicated financial documents, to negotiate with your creditors, and to fill out confusing paperwork. Having a San Diego bankruptcy lawyer working with you takes the stress out of each of these steps. Even the simple knowledge that you have a professional on your side can be incredibly helpful during the bankruptcy process which can be complicated and confusing at times.

Attorney Scott Orona has been working as a bankruptcy lawyer in California for over 20 years. As the Standing Chapter 13 Trustee in San Diego, he was involved in over 8,000 bankruptcy cases. In other words, Attorney Orona has virtually seen it all when it comes to bankruptcy. With his years of experience and extensive knowledge of California bankruptcy law, Scott Orona is the smart choice for your San Diego bankruptcy attorney. He can provide you with sound legal advice before you file for bankruptcy, answer all of your questions throughout the process, and advocate for you in bankruptcy court.

As a courtesy to his clients, Attorney Orona provides a free initial one-on-one consultation during which you can get your questions answered and learn more about the bankruptcy process. Call 619-306-7627 today to schedule your free case evaluation and find out how much simpler bankruptcy can be with a veteran California bankruptcy lawyer on your team.